Free home delivery in and around Brussels/Leuven for a minimum order value of 29.99 EUR, suburbs of Brussels/Leuven for a minimum order value of 39.99 EUR. Orders below the minimum value for free delivery, will invite delivery charges.

To other cities in Belgium, depending on the distance from our warehouse (Kortenberg), reasonable delivery charges will be applicable. 

Orders placed between Friday afternoon and Wdenesday noon will be delivered on Wednesday evening. Orders placed between Wednesday noon and Friday noon will be delivered during the weekend (Friday evening or Saturday morning for local deliveries and Sat/Sun for long-distance deliveries).

Note (long-distance deliveries): These will be done on fixed weekends (Saturdays/Sundays) of the month. We will inform you in advance when we plan a delivery trip in your area.


For exceptional or urgent deliveries, please call us / send us an email or WhatsApp message to discuss possible options.

We are working on a city/area-wise delivery schedule so that you know which future date will we be doing delivery in your city and you can order accordingly. 

Thank you for your understanding!